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13 video and images of manatees | thumbnail left and right manatee swimming in water

Amazingly Little Known Sea Cow Facts To Peak Your Interest

All Things Manatee
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story about two rescued orphaned manatees getting released back into the wild after a successful rehabilitation in a zoo thumbnail includes a picture of one of the manatees in water with an aquarium worker

Rescued Manatees Getting Released Back Into Wild After Successful Rehabilitation

They're going back home!
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Celebrate Manatee Appreciation Day With Our Favorite Sea Cow Memes

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Above Land or Under Water: Which is Cutest, Manatee Edition

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Manatees Hate This Song

cute manatees funny Songs - 8139734272
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Manatees Can be a Bit Bossy

boss manatees banana - 7947981312
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Manatee Week is the New Shark Week

comics illustrations manatees shark week sharks - 6513759232
Via Man Versus Manatee

Daily Squee: Nom on Mom

baby manatee manatees mommy moms nom squee squee spree swimming - 6304590848
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Squee Spree: Mermaids

manatees squee spree swimming underwater - 6300996096
Via James Scott

Squee Spree: Baby Mana-squee!

baby manatees squee spree tiny underwater - 6297727488
Via Zoo Borns

You Cannot Escape the Mighty Sea Cow

aquariums invisible manatees memebase SOON - 6280270592
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Animal Capshunz: Don't Sneak Up On Me Like That!

manatee manatees omg scared - 6197899264
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Daily Squee: Precious Rescued Manatee

Adorable and cute baby manatee that was rescued from the Amazon.
Via Treehugger


acting like animals baby helping manatee manatees parent surface swimming water - 5051838208
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