I Can Has Cheezburger?


story about two rescued orphaned manatees getting released back into the wild after a successful rehabilitation in a zoo thumbnail includes a picture of one of the manatees in water with an aquarium worker

Rescued Manatees Getting Released Back Into Wild After Successful Rehabilitation

They're going back home!
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calming manatee memes | ID HUG IF I HAD ARMS cute manatee swimming underwater among small fish with its flippers curled in a hugging position

The Calming Manatee Meme Is Back With Some Comforting Messages

The Calming Manatee
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manatee list cute - 1846277

Look at These Pictures of Real Mermaids in Celebration of Manatee Appreciation Day

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manatee scratches belly rubs wildlife Video - 354567

Did You Know That Manatees Love Belly Scratches?

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news manatee Video traffic - 81964801

Mating Manatees Caused Traffic Problems in Florida Because Of Course

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paddle manatee Video - 81550593

Playful Manatee Hangs out With Some Surprised Paddleboarders

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nature manatee Video - 120839

Paddle Boarders Got a Surprise When They Were Visited by a Herd of Manatee

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I Don't Think So

animals manatee oven thinking - 5620031744
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I Think I'll Stick with Fries

manatee pun walrus salad - 8385753344
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Salad Day in the Dark

manatee puns salad - 8386292992
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This is What Teen Spirit Smells Like!

manatee funny - 8286722048
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It May be Called a Sea Cow Now...

beauty fat manatee - 8224429568
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manatee herd amazing - 61335297

Look Out! It's a Giant Herd of Manatees!

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crazy animals drinking hot manatee Video - 60561921

A Manatee Stops to Take a Sip of Fresh Hose Water on a Hot Day

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Better Stick to Greens

diet puns manatee - 8138914560
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Chill Out, Manatee!

manatee puns funny - 8139727104
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