I Can Has Cheezburger?


It doesn't!

cat butt doesnt look big make caption - 8999579136
See all captions By Chris10a

Pleas Be Carefull

cat typo make win - 8990928640
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad

No, it's a new ratcipe

bits cat fresh make caption mouse - 8989820672
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My Heart Belongs To....

old never feel make caption ugly Cats - 8988038144
See all captions By BestCaptionz

My Cat Sounds Just Like My Kids

things cat me eat make caption - 8972452096
By Chris10a

Happy Birthday!

black cat sitting on armchair surrounded by loose blue wool on floor
By AaronRW (Via Cheezburger)

They Must Have Remodeled The House When I Was Sleeping!

cat make caption when - 8970388480
See all captions By catsuberalles

Flame Wars

cat jerk dont make caption use - 8811909888
See all captions By SirNottaguy-Imadad

It's Squirrel...But Don't Tell the Cat

cat caption make story sausage - 8806658560
By beckysdad

Nobody Messes With My PoofyPig!

can ass caption dont open make woof - 8806614016
See all captions By mamawalker

And I iz Happy u Made It

your fun life never kitten choices make caption - 8800554752
See all captions By chech1965

Then it's Feline Avenger time!

cat costume make superhero - 6299715328
See all captions By momofzoo

Lolcats: Who knew?

best of the week can caption Cats creepy Hall of Fame make people scared scary simple smile teeth - 6029777152
See all captions By Mahkittehrocks

Classic LOLcat

cheeseburger classics cook cooking do want fire kitten make tiny - 5982669824
By Unknown

LOLcats: ... Or the Consequences Will Be Most Unfortunate!

bathroom caption cat Cats choices make right statue suggestion toilets white - 5313175296
See all captions By scoobysoo


caption captioned cat dryer friend Hall of Fame lonely make silhouette TLL trying weird - 5442619136
See all captions By Shegedebeh
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