I Can Has Cheezburger?


Are 60 million people really this stupid????

FBI cat stealing lying caption - 8988668928
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Well, He SEEMS Honest Enough...

lying squirrels funny - 8094607616
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nice try flirting lying Video - 56707329

Do You Think Dan Got Her Number?

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Pawsible Deniability

lying cute mess Cats - 7854466304
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Don't Trust Them, They're Lion!

lions lying puns funny - 7742210560
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Honestly, What Did You Expect?

lions lying puns closer eating you - 7036317696
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That's Bearly Even a Pun

bears rug lying puns - 7030654464
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They've Been Lying to Us!

lying same cows - 6861011968
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You Can't Prove Otherwise, You Might as Well Believe Him

surprised parrots exploded lying toilet paper - 6976436224
By meltona2

Consider the Source, Horse

goggie lying whispering horses Cats - 6974092032
See all captions By nennepus (Via Leesa's flickr)

Smooth Sailing Over Here

green muppets lilypad easy lying frogs - 6944415488
See all captions By katiesinger

Would I Lie to You?

come in water lying sharks trust me eating you - 6876474624
See all captions By laurassister

The Moose of Deception.

reindeer let me in lying moose - 6896398592
See all captions By amathistblue

Crumbs? Why These Are Whisker Decorations!

nope lying burp stole cookies mice eating guilty - 6825979392
See all captions By AngelAndz

I'll Grant Your Wishes and Stuff

scary wings let me in spider lying fairy - 6891702784
By Unknown

You Do Realize You Are Under Oath

bunnies judge lying eating carrots - 6807777536
By Unknown
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