I Can Has Cheezburger?


cute cats hanging around in bodegas acting like they own the place | thumbnail includes three pictures of cats lying around

Comfy Bodega Cats Lounging Around, Just Chillin Out'

Bodega Cats doing what they do best
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Holiday Vacation Goals

christmas lounging Cats - 8997003776
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Loungin' to the max

lounging Cats - 8977567744
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I've Been Waiting for You

Cute cat sitting with a Martini glass saying "i've been waiting for you"
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Lounging on a hot day

lounging Cats - 8821551872
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Too Cute and Comfy To Care

cute baby animals sea lions lounging
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Possession is 10/10ths of a dog's law

great dane sofa possession mine lounging - 6577494272
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Lounging Lizard

gifs lizard lounging - 6476185856
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Reader Squee: You Okay There?

comfy lizard lounging pet reader squee - 4298522880
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Human Impression

coffee couch laptop lazy lounging pitbull - 4941794560
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caption captioned cat changes changing comfortable double meaning glasses Harry Potter lounging more morning paper professor pun read reading something - 4490769920
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corgi happy lazy lounging play playground playing swing swinging Video - 15129857


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appropriate caption captioned cat demonstrating demonstration Hall of Fame literalism lounging love name offer seat show showing title - 4447582976
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boston terrier bukkit dont-care lolrus lounging mine ownership possession smug story - 4284105216
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bored bulldog cyoot puppeh ob teh day lazy lounging puppy - 4285151232
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balancing bed bull terrier chair happy sundog lounging stretching Sundog - 4227595776
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