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a thread about a woman who found out her lost dog was adopted by a woman | thumbnail includes text saying 'Lady stole my dog and wants money for him.5 months ago my husband and I were moving into a new apartment. We took my dog to stay with my grandpa for a week or two while we moved so that my dog didn't get in the way. He's a pitbull/ chocolate lab mix and has a lot of energy. My grandpa has a huge plot of land and I thought my dog would enjoy that as a little vacation while we moved.'

Woman Gets Dog 'Stolen': Reddit Thread With Happy Ending

What a twist!
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viral twitter thread about a lost cat being found twelve hours later | thumbnail includes a picture of someone holding a 'lost cat' sign with the cat screaming right in front of it and one tweet 'Font - Josh Fruhlinger @jfruh ... this is probably an internet transgression of some sort but i'm a FB group for naughty cats called "this cat is INNOCENT of all charges" and someone just posted what may be the funniest cat pic i've ever seen'

Concerned Owner Looks For Lost Cat And Finds It In Funny Encounter

The cat was just living its life.
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otters rescue reunited video mom mother cub baby otter animals lost found YouTube aww

Mother Otter Rescues Lost Cub From Freezing Waters

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reunited cat missing found lost shelter animals pets microchip aww happy ending cats | man in a face mask holding his lost cat

Man Reunites With Lost Cat When Searching For A New Cat At Shelter

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lost doggo found cute aww police animals funny | cute funny pic of a tan dog with pointed ears looking over the reception desk at a police station with its paws on the counter and its tongue hanging out of its mouth

Lost Doggo Turns Himself In To The Authorities

What a good boy
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cat reunited lost found animal shelter aww fate | photo of a girl and a black and white cat and a photo of the girl now grown up holding the same cat

Teen Volunteers At Animal Shelter And Finds Her Long Lost Cat

Teen volunteers at local animal shelter and discovers her long lost cat -- Spunky!
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funny cat lost found

Persistent Cat Wouldn't Give Up On Joining One Family

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missing dog found love

Woman Quits Job And Searches 57 Days To Find Her Lost Dog

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"Hello! I Am Doggo, How Can I Help?"

lost and found cute good boy doggo helping - 9250687232
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news lost and found tortoise Video - 82208001

Touche the Tortoise Ran Away From Home to Fall in Love With a Drain Cover

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Save this Cat from Himself!

adopt found lost and found Cats - 6983731712
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airport best of the week lost lost and found news story - 5360190720
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