'World's Loneliest Elephant' To Be Released From Zoo

Kaavan, the elephant, had been living at a zoo in Pakistani, the capital of Islamabad, for more than 35 years. 

Sadly, Kaavan lost his partner in 2012 and has since been battling loneliness, as well as, living in poor conditions that have resulted in him being overweight, yet showing signs of malnutrition, cracked and overgrown nails of living in an enclosure with poor flooring that has damaged his feet. Up until now, Kaavan had been forced to live in a small enclosure, secluded from other elephants.

Now, steps have been taken to finalized Kaavan's transfer to an elephant sanctuary in Cambodia. A spokesman for Four Paws, Martin Bauer, announced this past Saturday that Kaavan had been granted medical approval to travel for a better life, but his journey to recovery will be a long one. Bauer said Kaavan's wounds are more than just physical, that he also suffers from behavioral issues. 

"He also developed stereotypical behavior, which means he shakes his head back and forth for hours. This is mainly because he is simply bored," said Bauer.

There is no word when Kaavan will travel, the push for his relocation has been going on since 2016 by rights activists. 

We are so happy that Kaavan will have a chance at a new, better life, and hope he travels to his new paradise soon! 

Story via The Guardian

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