I Can Has Cheezburger?


Climbing The Water

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By Unknown

Never Get on a Lizard's Bad Side

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This Lizard's Tail is Creepily Hypnotic

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By Unknown

You Can't Put Sexy on a Scale

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Stop it! Stop it! I'm Too Ticklish!

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Don't Look at Me...I'm Ashamed...

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...You Gotta Learn to Blend in

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Both Flies Look Delicious!

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Never Trust a Lizard With Your PayPal Account

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Now to Make Him Breath Fire...

By Unknown

Just Hold it Right There!

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By beernbiccies

It's Like There's a Chamillion of Them!

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By Unknown

Who Says They're Cold Blooded?

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I'll Eat When I'm Hungry, OKAY!?

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By AshleyTheTurtle

That's a One-in-Chameleon Smile!

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By Unknown

This was the Only Warm Place in the House

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