Close-ups Of Caterpillar 'Feet' (12 Pics)

Stop the presses, who in this universe would have thought that caterpillars have such cute feet? 

Not us, that's for sure! There's so much beauty in some insects (sorry roaches, we're just not ready for you yet), and sometimes that beauty isn't really noticeable to us at first. Then you see it in a new light, a fresh perspective, and all of sudden you're thinking the impossible --- bugs can be cute! Like, those tiny tarantula paws! Those were awwdorable!

The 'feet' seen down below are known as the caterpillar's 'prolegs,' "small, fleshy, stub structure found on the ventral surface of the abdomen of most larval forms of insects of the order Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths)."

Well, like we said about the roaches, maybe not ALL bugs but definitely caterpillars and definitely their little feet! 

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