I Can Has Cheezburger?

litter box

12 images of cats and text with litter box tips | thumbnail two images of cat with do and don't text foreground

Do's And Don'ts On All Things Kitty Litter: Helpful Tips

Imgur User and feline behaviorist "adrianaontherocks" is using Imgur as a platform to educate and answer questions about all things feline behavior. "Hi Imgur, I'm your friendly neighborhood feline behaviorist. If you're having a cat behavior issue, or are just curious about something cat-related, feel free to ask me about it and I'll see if I can help you out." Thanks, Adriana ! We have tons of questions and appreciate your expertise! Today we tackle all things litter. “Different cats have dif…
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Litter Box Cakes | HOPE BIRTHDAY SHIT! cake in an aluminium box that looks like cat litter with little poops in it and a scoop

Kitty Litter Box Cakes Are Gross And Funny At The Same Time

Litter Box Cakes
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cat litter box cake

Imgur User Bakes 'Cat Litter Box' Cake And It's Way Too Realistic

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cats tweets peeing funny

Cats Being Total Creepers While Their Owners Use The Restroom (15 Memes)

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home design litter box Cats - 7698949

We Have Found The 10 Best Hidden Cat Litter Box Ideas For Your Home

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poop career litter box research Cats - 6570245

Owning a Cat? You Wouldn't Believe How It Can Boost Your Career

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litter box training Cats Video - 88929793

How to Litter Train a Cat

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litter box Cats newspaper - 4078085

Someone Wrote a Newspaper For His Cat While It's On The Litter Tray And People Just Loved it

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funny cat comics

These Tales From The Litter Box Will Make You Feel Like You Wrote them Yourself

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It Looks A Lot Cleaner Than Ours

animals litter box caption Cats - 8811979008
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How Thoughtful

gave my cat something to read while doing business
Via nedhardy

Try Thinking Outside the Box

thinking litter box caption Cats - 8799241472
By Chris10a

Srsly Human

litter box caption Cats - 8753586944
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A Little Too Late For That, Isn't It?

litter box caption Cats funny - 8591792384
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But he knows WHERE it hit him!

litter box pranks caption Cats funny - 8587335168
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Why Can't He Cover It Like a Normal Kitten?

animals Babies captions litter box Cats funny - 8571657728
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