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I totally get why you named her Fluffy!

cat Fluffy get it laying down literalism name Pillow why - 4105049344
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Some Aspects of His Life are Still Unknown...

Babies bats literalism batman funny - 8248935168
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Refugee Irish Snake Seeking Single Attractive Female

caption captioned literalism pun snake - 3945155840
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Recipe for a Silent Night.

caption captioned cat christmas literalism pun sleeping song - 5584298752
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Cat Calling Dos and Don'ts

inappropriate literalism appropriate double meaning Cats - 6788214272
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So Much Pun: Pleated Jeans Punimals

animals cat Cats dolphin dolphins double meaning literalism names Owl owls platypus puns - 6567818496
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At Least This Goggie Lives Up to His Name!

comic double meaning heel literalism name - 6443772416
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So Much Pun: Welcome to the Neigh-borhood

caption double meaning hoarse homophone horse literalism question request water - 6440801536

So That's Where That Saying Comes From...

best of the week captions expressions floating goats idioms literalism puns - 6390200064
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So Much Pun: You Know He'll Be a Quality Employee

Hall of Fame koala literalism prefix puns similar sounding - 6157402880
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Acting Like Animals: Jumping for Joy

acting like animals feeling idiom Joy jumping literal literalism name - 5808318976
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Pig in a Blanket

baby blanket Hall of Fame happy literalism pig piglet pun sleeping - 5734737408
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Now Playing In A Home Near You!

book caption captioned cat kitten literalism Movie pun - 5717051648
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Bats of a Feather...

adage bat bats clarification clinging family feather idiom literalism pun stick together togetherness - 5716803328
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acting like animals cat Cats literalism prefix pun stacked - 5602301952


Babies baby bunnies bunny happy bunday literalism pile pileup rabbit rabbits sleeping - 5575066112
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