I Can Has Cheezburger?


16b screenshots from a Twitter thread where people posted pictures of their therapy cats listening to their problems and holding their hands | Thumbnail includes a picture of an orange kitten holding a human finger and a picture of a tuxedo cat with its paw on a human's lap

Cat People Show Off Their Therapeutic Cats That Listen To Their Problems And Provide A Shoulder To Cry On

Is there anything cats can't do?
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Listen carefully

autumn fall golden retriever leaves listen listening - 5217855744
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A Strong Pizza Strategy

boring caption listening story work keep - 8750130432
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Mine Keeps Going to Sleep

animals ipod puppy listening caption - 8569383936
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bears puns listening cute - 8185250560
Via hondenzaken

Just Kidding, I was Never Listening

talking listening Cats - 7857838336
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Tru Fax

listening funny - 7585971200
Created by Unknown
listening obedient - 49460993

The Most Obedient Dog Ever

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Well, I'm At Least 60% Ears...

german shepherd puppies ears listening tongue - 6291402240
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Reader Squee: Did I Hear "Treat"?

treats reader squee pets listening squee - 6876907008
Created by Alialiinfree

I Will Obey!

polly parrots listening watermelon kill - 6955013120
See all captions Created by Bachataradio.com

Now We Have a Big Mess to Clean Up

bears listening waterfall sorry dropped fell - 6935043840
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Melon Knows. Melon Knows Everything

crazy voices parrots evil listening watermelon - 6909997824
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Takes Years of Practice

bunnies ears sport listening - 6713201920
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The Voice of the Planet

cow listening grass earth - 6726506496
Created by Unknown

Half Listening

rabbits bunnies ears listening half sorry - 6636816128
See all captions Created by GraceJediHeart
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