I Can Has Cheezburger?


32 pictures of cats squeezing into all sorts of compartments like liquid | thumbnail three images side by side liquid cats

32 Aqueous Cats Who Are Most Certainly Indubitably Made Purely Of Liquid Substances

Pure liquid
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14 pictures of liquid appearing cats | thumbnail three panels side by side, cats looking  like liquid

Liquid Based Series Of Pictures Proving Once And For All That Cats Are Indeed Aqueous Creatures

A tall drink of cat
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22 screenshots from a Twitter thread where people post pictures of their orange cats cuddling on their laps and chests | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white woman with black hair and bangs laying on a bed and an orange cat laying on top of her chest as well as a picture of a woman laying on a couch with an orange cat sleeping on her shoulder

Cat People Say There's No Better Feeling Than A Large Orange Cloud Laying On Their Chest: Thread

They're not wrong
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12 photos of cats in bowls, boxes, and baskets | Thumbnail includes a picture of a white cat laying in a blue basket and a picture of a brown cat laying in a white basket

12 Liquid Cats Settling Comfortably In All Sorts Of Bowls, Baskets, And Boxes

Cats are water
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15 screenshots of a reddit thread where someone posted a photo of their cat laying inside a neon sign shaped like a cat 'Found my cat laying in my cat shape light that fell If I fits I sits 2077'

Cat Lays Inside A Cat-Shaped Neon Light That 'Accidentally' Fell, Suspicious Redditors Say This Was No Accident

It'll remain a mystery...
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3 TikTok videos about a cat named Kusmi and his ability to deflate into a pancake | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of a cat sitting on green grass and a screenshot of a cat laying flat on grass 'How flat can a cat get you ask? Very flat'

Weekly Boost Of Serotonin: Fluffy Cat Deflates Into A Pancake, Proves His Liquidation

One fluffy pancake please
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photos of cats in containers

19 Funny Photos of Liquid Cats Squished Into Places

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posts about cats fitting into small spaces thumbnail includes a picture of a kitten in a glass and another of a cat inside of a bowl with holes

If I Fits, I sits: The Feline Adventure Continues

Masters of liquidity.
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pictures of cats defying the laws of physics - thumbnail includes two images one of a cat on a tv and one of a cat sitting really strange

The Laws Of Physics Mean Jack Diddly-Squat To Cats

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cute video of adorable little fluffy white bunnies sitting in glass cups

Awwdorable Baby Bunnies In Glass Cups (Video)

Fluffy white milk
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cats within glass - thumbnail of orange cat in round glass and tiny kitten in a glass of wine

Cats In Glass Is Always A Blast

From solid to liquid
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animals summer heat melting hot sun cool down melt cats dogs aww cute | DUCKS WILL MELT AT 90°F (32C) two white ducks plopped down

Summer Heat: Animals Melting (21 Pics)

Stay cool
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cats liquid wall video funny lol cute animals youtube limbo cat

Cats: The True Masters Of Limbo (Video)

From solid to liquid to soild
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funny cats lol video youtube aww boxes fits sits solid liquid animals

Cat Logic Presents "If It Fits, I Sits" (Video)

Must. Squeeze. In.
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cattuccino cappucino cats coffee cat aww cute animals funny cups | white cat with orange spots cuddled into a ball around itself in a round circular sink looking like the foam or cream in a cappuccino cup then looking up at the viewer

Cattuccinos: Cats Looking Like Delicious Cups Of Coffee

Extra milky, caramel or black coffee?
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cats funny stretchy long aww cute pics lol cat animals | grey cat lying on its belly stretched across a wooden rail in front of a yard with a pool. white fluffy cat sleeping with its head and front legs on the floor and its butt and tail inside a woven cat bed so that its body appears to be extremely long.

Extra Long Stretchy Cats

Cats looking like 'Laffy Taffy'
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