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So the Flying Monkeys Used to be on the Good Side...

Babies cute bears friends lions tigers wizard of oz - 7962277632
See all captions Created by NawtyKitty

Lions and Tigers and Bears!

bears funny lions tigers wizard of oz - 8017005056
See all captions Created by shanebc01

I Got My Film, but They Ate My Camera!

lions attack chase photos camera funny - 8012544768

This Baby Lion is In-Tents!

gifs puns lions - 8004562688
Created by ani.s4 ( Via www.youtube.com )

Pizzas Taking Pictures...That WOULD be Amazing!

lions pictures pizza zoo metaphor - 8004564992

All Lions are Just Kittens at Heart

lions MGM movies Cats - 7997932800

The Tickle Monster Just Got a Bit Scarier...

Babies cute lions tickle mama - 7989088768

A Walk to the Park With the Family

lions africa cute family - 7981974272

I Said I'm Not Thirsty, Mom! Can I Please Go and Play Now?!

cute children lions mom thirsty water - 7965784576

One Lion's Peanut is Another Elephant's...

elephants peanuts funny lions steal regret - 7957459456

Wait, I Should Comb my Mane

cute photos lions shy - 7957465600

That's One Big Mistake...

lions simba the lion king - 7957451008

Pride of the Lions

snuggle lions nuzzle - 7947351552
Created by sixonefive72

Before This, They Used Mannequins as Chew Toys

cubs funny mistake lions regret - 7950597120

A Gentle Giant

butterflies cute gentle lions - 7948788992

This is the Closest I Get to Channeling my Ancestors

Cats cute funny lions pose - 7939380992
Created by JustinD ( Via doctorswetrust.tumblr.com )