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A lion knows never to play poker with a leopard, they're all cheetahs. These catty kings of the Savanna are punny as anything and just chomping at the bit to flow across your screen. So before you flip on Animal Planet, check out some of the best hilarious lion jokes and memes around.

video about two lions that spent their life in captivity getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures including a lion walking out of a cage and two lions walking side by side

2 Lions Who Spent Their Whole Lives In The Circus Taste Freedom For The First Time In Emotional Video

Feeling grass for the first time
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video of a woman cuddling a white lion | thumbnail includes one picture of a woman hugging a white lion

Woman Cuddles With A Huge And Sleepy White Lion (Video)

And we are all jealous of her
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11 pictures and video, lion and leopard being friendly

Big Cats Need Love Too: Majestic Lioness Shows Pure Adoration For Her Leopard Friend, Showering Her With Kisses And Love

Feline goodness, big cat edition
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Derpy Rescue Puma Named Messi Acts Just Like Any Other House Cat, Except He''s a 200lb Goober

Derpy Rescue Puma Named Messi Acts Just Like Any Other House Cat, Except He's a 200lb Goober

Cat is cat
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video of lions reuniting with a man and the man bringing them catnip | thumbnail includes a picture of a man and a lioness headbutting

Loving Lions Reunite With Their Favorite Human After Time Apart, He Brings Them Catnip As A Gift (Video)

And they looove the catnip.
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twitter thread about the differences between the live action and the animated version of the lion king | thumbnail includes a screenshot of a live action lion cub and an animated shocked lion cub and one tweet 'Plant - lewis @lewisjwr I'm not joking when I say this is quite literally the worst thing I've ever seen in my life put to film. These are the same moments in the Lion King story: the moment Simba notices the stampede 3:26 PM - Aug 22, 2022'

Twitter Thread: Meme-ing The Heck Out Of The Differences Between The Animated And The Live Action 'The Lion King'

To laugh or to cry - that's the question.
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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about - spicey cat getting attention she needs to get adopted to a great home - | thumbnail includes two pictures of - cat shaved like lion walking around and cat shaved like lion sitting in a bed a looking somewhat inquisitive

'Spicy' Cat Gets A Funky Haircut To Remove Matting, Immediately Finds Relief And Starts Opening Up

Spicey cat learning how to get along better with humans so she can find a forever home.
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about the conservation of a bunch of African lions | thumbnail includes two pictures including a lioness walking toward the camera and a lion under a handmade rainbow sign

Incredible Global Conservation Effort Marked By Housewarming Party For African Lion Trio

The start of an amazing journey.
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video of rescued lion cub | thumbnail left image of lion cub with cone, thumbnail right lion cub lying down

Fiercely Feline: Orphaned Mountain Lion ‘Rose’ Becomes Social Media Darling (Video)

Yaaas Rose, live
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video of lions playing in fresh bedding | thumbnail image two lions laying in fresh bedding, sawwood wood chips

African Lions Roll Around And Snuggle In Fresh Bedding (Video)

Kings and queens love a good relaxation session
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video of a man helping a nervous lion calm down | thumbnail includes a picture of a man laid down next to a lion

Man Comforts A Nervous Lion With The Help Of Gentle Pets And A Slipper (Video)

Aww adorable itty bitty lion.
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video of lions released to sanctuary | thumbnail image of two lions in nature

Lions Rescued From Circus Are Released Into Nature Sanctuary (Video)

Kings and queens of the jungle
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video of a cat watching a lion documentary and getting spooked | thumbnail includes a picture of a surprised cat

Cat Getting Totally Shocked By Watching Lion Documentary (Video)

The shookness is real.
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video of lion cub socially interacting with older lions | thumbnail image of lion with cub cuddling, orange frame half of image

Tiny Lion Cub Adorably Tries To Fit In With Teenage Lions (Video)

Wholesome lion family
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video of a man giving lions a tick treatment | thumbnail includes a picture of a man holding a spray bottle and rubbing up against a lion

Tick Treatment For Lions: Aiming A Spray Bottle At Big Cats (Video)

Spraying big cats does not sound like the safest idea lol
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a list of funny tiger memes | thumbnail includes two memes with the text saying 'gonna tell my kids this was Joe exotic' and 'lost at poker last night, that's the last time I play with a cheetah'

Terrific Tiger Memes That Are Ferociously Funny

We're roaring with laughter.
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