Australian Dentist Creates First Prosthetic Foot For Koala

This handsome Koala certainly lives up to his name -- Triumph. Meet the adorable koala Triumph, who was born with a foot missing. Triumph was taken into care back in 2017 after being spotted with his dying mother in New South Wales. 

Vets soon realized Triumph was missing a limp, due to an inexplicable birth defect. They could also tell that his missing limp would sometimes cause him pain. His rescuer and vet nurse, Marley Christian, from Friends of Koala, began to dress Triumph's stump in dolls' socks and little booties. They have discovered that when doing so, it helped relieve some of the sensitivity Triumph was feeling. 

Marley Christian searched the globe for someone to make a prosthetic, unfortunately, no one was willing to take on the task. "We were told it had not been done and it could not be done," Marley Christian told ABC

An American company that specialized in animal prosthetics decided to take Triumph's case, but sadly, they could not manufacture a design that would comfortably stay on. It wasn't until Marley Christian mentioned Triumph's case in passing to an Australian dentist, Lismore dental prosthetist Jon Doulman, who then volunteered to help build Triumph a prosthetic foot himself. 

And he succeeded. 

Story via ABC

first koala to get a prosthetic foot - thumbnail of koala with prosthetic foot
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