I Can Has Cheezburger?


Dis my new friend.

best of the week but cuddling friend friends friendship Hall of Fame like much new not pug sleeping stuffed animal talk - 4830302976
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You like my sweater?

baby caption captioned compliment DIY lamb like myself sheep sweater thank you - 3634479616
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Ders nuttin lyke

asleep book caption captioned cat falling good like nothing sleep sleeping - 4775261952
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I'll Take Two!

best of the week finally golden retriever good Hall of Fame i has a hotdog like puppy rolls science smell things - 4756399872
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You stink.

labrador like smell stink - 4751228160
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The carnage...

approval best of the week caption captioned cat like meat noms tabby - 4722178048
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caption captioned cat demand does not golden retriever hamster like request surrender told - 4722670080
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i like big mutts

big butts cannot great dane lie like lyric rhyme song truth - 4700848128
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Boxes Rule!!

afraid asking box caption captioned cat confused do want everything illusion kitten like nothing question - 4690147840
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Teh wut???

burger caption captioned cat do not want how kitten like noms question tasting - 4655740672
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I tried being reasonable.

angry being best of the week caption captioned cat didnt dislike do not want Hall of Fame like tried unimpressed upset - 3605190912
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Das odd....

biting cat chicken confused german shepherd leg like odd strange taste - 4625224448
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caption captioned cat Caturday homophone like nuts pun sauce tabby without - 4528818688
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caption captioned cat Cats complaint just kitten like menu nursing once see sigh - 4550499584
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but caption captioned cat confused kitten like literalism preference pun said sweet tea teacup you - 3520927232
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caption captioned cat do want Hall of Fame kitten like paradox - 4484927744
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