I Can Has Cheezburger?


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That Slug Is so Close, yet so Far

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Don't Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth, Especially When He's Licking Your Head

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From Bunday, With Love

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Amphibian Addict?

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And They Don't Disappoint

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Wait, What Do You Mean This Isn't An Ice Cream Treat?

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Grooming or Getting a Taste?

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Cat Does a Favor For The Dog

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Tasty, Bro?

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Don't Get the Wrong Idea

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Why Won't You Kiss Me Back?

Funny dog meme in which a bulldog sits formally on a couch and asks you heart-to-heart why you don't like back when he kisses?
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I'm Just Waiting For Your Eyes to Close

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Even Yoga Can't Fix This Now

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Dog Problem Solver

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Not My Beautiful Face!

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This Thing's a Pig, You Say? Doesn't Taste Like Bacon

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