I Can Has Cheezburger?


birthday girl getting her favourite treat

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Beware of Dog

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David Duchovny Will Donate a Dollar Every Time a Dog Licks Your Face

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Mah Stick Haz a Delishus Flavr

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Marty, the Pet Rat, Gives His Human a Lick

pet rat gives his human a lick
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Licks Should Help With That

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Can Dogs Get Brain Freeze?

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When Someone Plays With Your Hair

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The Licki Brush Lets You Lick Your Cat Without Worrying About Hairballs

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Especially THERE!

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Cow Says "I Love Moo" With a Lick

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Disagreements Like This Are Common in My Home.

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Don't Worry About The Claws

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This Cow Was Wiling To Go Through This Car Window To Get A Lick

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She Goan Be Sew Prowd

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Way More Intense Than Nip

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