I Can Has Cheezburger?


Lettuce be honest, we're all about legumes. Lettuce is both a call to be allowed, and a wonderful leafy green found in basically every traditional salad ever. So let in the lettuce to your life, embrace how punny it can truly be, and try a salad, we promise it won't bite.

lettuce instagram otters otter Video - 80188673

Hungry Otter Noms on a Healthy Lettuce Treat

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rat lettuce eating Video - 77108993

Pizza Rat Resolutions: Eat Healthier In New Year

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Shiba Puppies Are Fierce

Via Bing

Some Guys Are Just Oblivious

lettuce i have no idea what im doing - 8385492224
See all captions Created by echeg5

That Someone Also Likes to Take Pictures of Lettuce...

funny lettuce prank snakes - 7945350912
Created by Unknown

Like Lettuce Maybe?

lettuce cute bunny - 7439684096
See all captions Created by beernbiccies

Let Us Enjoy This Bunny Chewing

bunnies gifs lettuce critters nom nom nom - 7205081344
Created by catanddog725

Corgis Hate Veggies

hate gif lettuce corgi - 7133111296
Created by Unknown

If You Give a Bunny a Movie Night

excited bunnies want lettuce Popcorn carrots - 7007990528
See all captions Created by roniharvey

And No, Those Pellets Do Not Count

bunnies vegetables lettuce shopping do it yourself feed me carrot food - 6832974848
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hate gifs vegetables lettuce corgi angry bite - 6836783360
Created by Unknown

I Will Avenge My Brethren

cheeseburger cow lettuce spying stalking trap - 6555464192
See all captions Created by TortisShell

Daily Squee: Bunday: Super Market

bunny carrot happy bunday lettuce rabbit shopping cart squee - 6566366208
Created by GalderGollum

Bunday: Lettuce

bunny gifs happy bunday lettuce nom nom rabbit - 6544751872
Created by GalderGollum

Oh? This Yours?

bunny food gifs lettuce nom rabbit - 6569696256
Created by Unknown

Reader Squee: Can't A Girl Eat In Peace?!?!

happy bunday lettuce pet rabbit reader squee relaxing - 6448230912
Created by Chellecos
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