I Can Has Cheezburger?


A picture of a cat with a sour looking face after tasting a lemon - cover photo for a list of funny animals and babies trying lemon for the first time

10 Ridiculously Funny Photos And Gifs Of Animals & Babies Trying A Lemon For The First Time

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lemons puppies golden retriever - 403975

The Puppy Vs. The Lemon

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lemons puppy shar pei Video - 82618625

Adorable Shar Pei Puppies Are Totally Mesmerized by a Lemon Slice

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lemons confused Cats Video - 82047745

Cat Could Not Be More Confused About What to Do With a Lemon

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I Love Free Stuff

lemons wise - 7865257984
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Goggie Truism Number Elebenty

lemons funny karma - 7746104064
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Dog Deals With Lemon

gifs lemons reactions funny - 7558134528
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I'm too tired to make lemonade

nap chow chow lemons - 6940457728
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bernese mountain dog dancing food fruit lemons puppies Video vs - 42189313

Animal Videos: Let's All Do the Lemon Dance!

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lemons playing Video vs - 39656193

Animal Videos: Dog vs. Lemon

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Animal Memes: Insanity Wolf - Make Life Rue the Day

eyes insane Insanity Wolf lemons Memes wolves - 6083420160
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dont go neer

ball blah do not want gross lemons no no thanks pit bull yuck - 5277451008
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grumpy havanese lemons life problem trouble - 2656158976
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