I Can Has Cheezburger?


Lego my Eggo! Lego are one of the world's most successful toys, and probably a big reason behind games like Minecraft. Building blocks that allowed us to build fantastic scenes and epic battles that kept us occupied for hours. So take a trip back to childhood, or your basement now, and enjoy these hilarious lego memes puns and jokes.

Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about paralyzed kitten who has humans rally around her to deliver her to care and safety | thumbnail includes two pictures of her airplane journey and scooting around in her Lego cart

Rescue Effort For Paralyzed Cat Restores Faith In Humanity As She Now Scoots Around In A Lego Wheelchair

Paralyzed kitten found on Hawaiian bridge journeys through dozens of hands to get to safety.
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11 images of dinosaurs constructed from legos | thumbnail left and right dinosaurs made from legos

Incredible Lego Dinosaurs Make Their (Pre) Historic Debut At Marwell Zoo

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chameleon holding lego props funny lol cute aww lizards reddit weapons adorable hilarious animals | tiny green chameleon holding a miniature knife

Redditor Shares Daily Pics Of Chameleon Holding LEGO Props

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San Antonio Zoo Offers a "Drive Thru" Experience With Animals Made Of LEGO Bricks | cute panda bears playing together | deer with long horns

San Antonio Zoo Offers a "Drive Thru" Experience With Animals Made Of LEGO Bricks

Animals Made Of LEGO Bricks
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cat meme | when nothing can hurt you or bother you anymore | pic of a cute cat grey and white with black stripes lying down on top of a pile of lego parts looking comfy
Via @adorable.cats.kittens
Company Offers Paw-mazing DIY Cat Model Kits | two models of a calico cat white black and orange made of lego parts one model sitting on its hind legs and reaching up with its paws 39.2 cm tall and second model on all fours ready to pounce 21.7 cm tall

Company Offers Paw-mazing DIY Cat Model Kits You Can Build On Your Own

Cat Model Kits
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cat destroys 2,342 piece figurine | cute ginger cat lying on its back next to a crumbling lego figurine of doraemon

No Regret: Cat Knocks Over a 2,432 Piece Figurine That His Owner Spent a Week Assembling

cat destroys 2,432 piece figurine
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lego beehive

Company Builds an Adorable Mechanical Lego Beehive With Googly-Eyed Bees

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Turtles with wheels

Pedro The Turtle Lost His Back Legs But LEGO Has Him On The Move Again

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lego kitten wheelchair - 8125701

Foster Dad Builds Lego Wheelchair For a Rescue Kitten With Two Broken Legs

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a funny list of animal expressions to stepping on a lego too

10 Hilarious Animals Reactions to Stepping on a Lego

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cat godzilla in the new lego movie trailer

Giant Cat Terrorizing The City in This New LEGO Ninjago Movie Trailer

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Art Imitates Life of the Day: Watch this Lego Replica of Roomba Shark-Cat

roomba lego - 7763798016
Via Iain Heath

Tardar, Did You Get in the Lego Again?

Grumpy Cat tardar sauce lego - 7130021888
Via The Brothers Brick
lego birds smart Video - 48000513

Nothing Gets Past This Clever Bird

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What's More Painful? Sitting on a Cactus, or Laying on a Pile of Lego Blocks?

lego cactus bobcat Cats - 7066923776
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