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tumblr thread about flamingos being the origin for the legend of the phoenix | thumbnail includes a picture of a flaming 'Water - The Central Africans told this to the Egyptians who told the Greeks* about this mysterious animal, and they ran hog-wild with it to create the now-famous Pheonix, but- The bird they were seeing in those volcanic lakes? Chris Kotze 2012'

Tumblr Thread: Flamingos Are The Origin Of The Phoenix Myth

That's... kind of amazing.
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iceland folklore about evil whales - thumbnail of text "Icelandic folklore requires you avoid saying the names of evil whales, otherwise you'll draw their attention. fidoruh Yall have evil whales?"

Tumblr Dives Into European Folklore About Evil Whales (Thread)

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hilarious tumblr thread where users reimagine the legendary phoenix as various birds - thumbnail includes screenshots from this phoenix bird tumblr thread | iconuk01 Follow According some sources legend phoenix might be derived another bird noted s striking appearance and who, indeed, are order Phoenicopterus know birds those are? FLAMINGOS!

Tumblr Thread Imagines Legendary Phoenix As Various Birds

This is hilarious
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tribute to the legendary longcat meme who passed away at age 18 - thumbnail of longcat and the meme that made longcat famous

Cat Meme Legend, "Longcat" Has Passed Away At Age 18

RIP Nobiko
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cats grumpy lil bub tribute honor legend legendary rip | cat with an angry expression, derpy cat with large eyes and tongue peeking out

Tribute To The Legendary Grumpy Cat And Lil Bub

A tribute to them and their legacy
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christmas scary spooky legend Cats - 1067526

Legend Of Jólakötturinn: Wicked Yule Cat Who Eats Those Without New Clothes

Once a year, during Christmas time, the Yule Cat comes out and eats people who haven't gotten any new clothes to wear before Christmas Eve.
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cat legendary mating unneutered

Legendary Cat Needs Glucose Drip After Mating With 5 Female Cats In One Night

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smudge lord cat pictures

Our Obsession With Smudge The Table Cat Is Unmatched (18 Smudge Pics)

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lemurs legend legendary lemur - 8167173

Duke Lemur Center Welcomes It's First Birth Of The Season, The Granddaughter Of The Famous Star Of Zoboomafoo

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missing cat found legend legendary amazing - 7379205

Missing Cat Found Doubled In Size And Living Within A Pet Food Factory

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Stan Lee With Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat legend rip stan lee - 9236326656
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cats and dogs dressed as superheroes

Here Are 15 Adorable Pets Dressed Up As Marvel Characters As A Tribute To The Great Stan Lee

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I'd Heard the Legends

horse humans legend unicorn - 6076427264
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The Purr. The Meow. The Legend.

caption captioned cat dramatic legend man meow myth pose posing purr - 5750361088
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Urban Legends!

basement cat caption captioned cat consequence fire five Hall of Fame legend name secret spell stare whisper - 5341064192
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He exists charlie!

caption captioned cat coloring great Hall of Fame legend meowloween peanuts pumpkins pun tabby - 5336731648
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