I Can Has Cheezburger?


Reddit discussion about how long people walk their dogs for | Thumbnail includes screenshot of the title of the thread and part of the story 'Ok I'm going to say it... it's not realistic to expect every dog owner to walk their dogs miles at a time 3 times a day…, I guess I just want us all supporting each other instead of shaming one another. Dogs are like... the coolest shit and we are so blessed to have them as pals and all we can do is our best for them!!'

Dog Parent Rants On Reddit About Unrealistic Dog Walking Expectations From Shamers

Do's And Don'ts Of The Dog Walking Rule Book
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Benefits Of Walking Your Cat On A Leash

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Helpful guide for walking your cat

How to Walk Your Cat With A Leash And Live to Tell About It

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dog walking contraption for 2 dogs at once, with ease

A Dog Leash That Allows You Two Walk Both Dogs With 1 Hand And No Tangle!

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Usually It's Humans That Try to Walk Their Cat, but Not in This Case

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Every Dog Deserves a Puppy

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How come nobody holding onto you?

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Never Ending Chase

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Super Enthusiastic Cat Definitely Loves Walks

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There Better Be a Payoff for This, Human

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Cartainly not the Cat

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The Hunt Continues

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Well You Can't Expect it to Walk Around Barefoot!

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Pushing the Boundaries

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Forget Something?

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I Make My Own Rules!

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