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giant lazy panda Video zoo yoga - 81278977

Giant Panda Starts off the Day With Some Lazy Yoga

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wolves lazy howling funny Video wolf - 81043713

This Wolf Has the Laziest Howl We've Ever Heard

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At Least You Can Say You Made It on the Treadmill This Time

at least you can say you made it on the treadmill this time
Via @EmrgencyKittens
lazy husky couch Video - 80327425

Lazy Husky is a Real Couch Potato

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Maybe I'll Take Today off to Celebrate

animals cat routine caption lazy exercise - 8795691520
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The Usual Dilemma

animals desire lazy couch caption Cats - 8795596544
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Sounds Legit

animals Cats caption lazy - 8773615872
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A Case of the Lazies

caption lazy - 8771281920
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stubborn lazy couch golden retriever Video - 78003713

It's Winter and This Stubborn Golden Retriever Knows Where the Comfiest Spot is to Hibernate

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if the couch were any bigger the cat would still be taking up all of it

animals cat lazy couch - 8606844416
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Bone Idle, And Proud Of It!

lazy too couch Reach caption - 8592394240
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When Mom Says You Have to Wake Up, But You Are Still Tired

gifs lazy pugs - 8540683008

Oh, Like You're Any Better?

lazy Cats funny captions - 8533411840
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roomba lazy weekends Video - 71638529

Weekends Were Made For Being As Lazy As This Dog

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A Nap Begins With Less and Is Much Better

animals journey nap lazy nope Cats - 8419569920
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Which Is Only A Few hours A Day

animals lazy awake Cats - 8491845888
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