I Can Has Cheezburger?


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New York State's Decision To Make Declawing a Cat Illegal Stirs Up a Heated Conversation Online

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animal cruelty testing Cats law - 8076805

The US Department Of Agriculture Just Made a Major Announcement For Cat Lovers

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animal cruelty Congress animals law - 7643653

Two Congressmen Propose Bill That Would Make Animal Cruelty A Felony Nationwide

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buried pets new york law - 7228677

New Law In NY Allows Pets To Be Buried Next To Their Humans in Cemeteries

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He can win your cases just by his cuteness.

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gun hands innocent law paws police red panda - 5938380288
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Injustice! The Nerve! The Arrogance!

smug Cats law - 8379875840
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Guess My Race is Run

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It's a Cat Law!

Cats funny law - 8267281664
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We're Always Law Abiding Kitties!

Cats law funny puns - 8176506624
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Pawsecuting Attorney

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Nip and it Will Cost You

Cats cat nip law - 8036010752
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It's Been Proven!

door law - 7383484416
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But Whatever For Kitty?

captions Cats law plead the fifth - 6554240000
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Get Ready to Meet the Sharp Horn of the Law

buffalo car driving law nobody road slow down - 6405496576
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See You in Court

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