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red dot lasers Cats Video - 91814145

The Cat Who Caught The Laser

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drawing lasers simons-cat Cats Video - 81414145

Simon's Cat Illustrates the Beauty of the Ever Elusive Red Dot

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But Now I Can Find My Toys By Myself

lasers vet caption funny - 8304168192
See all captions Created by onefinekitty
lasers big cats Cats Video - 52274177

Big Cats vs. Laser Pointers

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Mitzi Doesn't Much Like Balloons

gifs Balloons lasers Cats dinosaurs - 8458708992
Created by mamawalker
lasers Cats Video vacuum monster - 68977153

The Vacuum Monster Has Met its Match in Laser Cat

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Good Cardio Too

diet lasers - 8432463360
See all captions Created by mikenewman

Trapped Herself

Funny GIF of a cat getting herself caught in a box.
Via One GIF

Whirly Laser

gifs lasers Cats - 8416374528
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Vine )
chase lasers Video - 67088897

This Collar-Mounted Laser is Making For One Hell of a Laser-Chasing Game

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There Is Only Madness In This Place

lasers Cats - 8315967232
See all captions Created by AkumaTsume

Dizzy Laser Dance

Cats gifs lasers spinning - 8304855552

First Step in Bathing Your Cat

baths lasers Cats funny - 8284363008
Created by beernbiccies
Cats cute lasers funny - 62019841

It's a Kitty Laser Carpet Quake!

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What did She Think was Going to Happen?

bite lasers funny - 8177534976
Via Animated Gifs

You Should Have Never Seen This

gifs lasers Cats - 8172756480
Created by anselmbe ( Via Visual Consumer )
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