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I'm Green With Happiness

animals jealous puppy laser eyes Cats - 8467269120
See all captions Created by francine.pruitt

If the Blue is Blinking, Back Away Slowly

belly rubs Cats code laser eyes - 8441336320
Created by whoozhie

He Loves the Holidays

Turkey laser eyes mind control Cats black cat - 8392697344
Created by melissa.cummings.543

Would I lie to you?

trust me laser eyes boston terrier Cats - 6831551488
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Slender Cat

scary laser eyes boston terrier Cats monster - 6834746368
See all captions Created by 90ZAaz

And maybe their taillights, but who wants to check?

corgi laser eyes - 6630456064
See all captions Created by TuckerBentley

The End of the World is... NOW!

captions Cats creepy eyes laser eyes lasers multipanel robots - 6532261632
Via Blog Soup

You know that feeling?

cat laser eyes what breed - 6253893120
See all captions Created by LadyMeiun

Lolcats: Zomkitties

car Cats glow invasion kitty laser laser eyes lolcat lolcats zombie - 6362462976
See all captions Created by caturday masturz

Animal Gifs: From the Darkness It Came...

Cats dark darkness eyes gifs laser eyes scary - 6261828608

Perpetual Terror *IS* Fun!!!

bad idea Cats creepy eyes fun laser eyes scary They Said - 6095376128
Via Here Kitty Kitty Kitty


classics eyes green eyes laser eyes red eyes traffic - 5565419264


cars goggies goggies r owr friends horror Interspecies Love laser eyes scary - 5557893376

Bad Wolf Cat

best of the week doctor who Hall of Fame laser eyes lasers multipanel tardis - 5505785344
Via Neville The BAMF


child comforting human laser eyes little love protection Target - 4175022848
See all captions Created by jackfan2


caption captioned cat Cats detected eyes intruder laser laser eyes tabby - 4139674880
See all captions Created by coolkittehburger