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A picture of a cat doing a handstand - cover picture for a list of funny pictures and gifs of cats being kung fu fighters

Everybody Was Cat-Fu Fighting!

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Watch Out! I Know Kung Fu!

Via Stink_Snake

The Living Room Was Destroyed That Night

fight kung fu hedgehog Cats - 8376817664
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Choose Your Opponents Carefully

kung fu praying mantis fighting Cats lost - 7113325056
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On the Other Hand, That's a BIG Tiger Paw

kung fu praying mantis fighting Cats - 6927384832
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Cwouching Kittehs, Hidden Dwagonz.

dragon Movie captions kung fu tiger film Cats reference - 6713852160
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stay back

kung fu martial arts Cats captions defense - 6607275776
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Shang Qi

kung fu martial arts Cats captions fight - 6683384576
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GIf of cat attacking a toy using a pile driver scissor kick.
By Unknown

Animal Gifs: Sugar Glider Kung Fu

cute gifs kung fu sugar glider twitch - 6516569600
By Unknown


keanu reeves kung fu red panda the matrix - 5782801408
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imitating kick kung fu monkey regret - 6230625280
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Attack of the Kung Fu Hamster

attack attacking hamster Interspecies Love karate kung fu rodents - 6165787392
Via Mirror

Animal Gifs: HI-YA

bamboo eat flip gifs kung fu ninja nom panda - 6157265920
By Unknown

Stoat Keanu Knows Kung-Fu

i know keanu reeves kung fu stoat the matrix weasel woah - 5961554688
By Geoffrey Fortier

I know kung-fu.

afraid best of the week caption captioned cat fighting Hall of Fame know kung fu not threat threatening use - 5170059520
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