I Can Has Cheezburger?


collection of facts about foxes | thumbnail includes a picture of a fox 'Red fox - Although foxes are related to dogs, they act more like cats. They climb trees, use their whiskers to navigate, and even stalk their prey like cats ICANHAS BORGER'

Paws For This Week’s Animal Facts: Fox Edition

Laugh and learn.
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tumblr thread about flamingos being the origin for the legend of the phoenix | thumbnail includes a picture of a flaming 'Water - The Central Africans told this to the Egyptians who told the Greeks* about this mysterious animal, and they ran hog-wild with it to create the now-famous Pheonix, but- The bird they were seeing in those volcanic lakes? Chris Kotze 2012'

Tumblr Thread: Flamingos Are The Origin Of The Phoenix Myth

That's... kind of amazing.
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a tumblr thread guide about adopting cats thumbnail includes a picture of a sleeping kitten 'Font - Cat Adoption Guide Adding a new feline friend to your household is a process that can be both exciting and scary, especially for first-time cat owners and even the cats themselves. With so many things to consider, it can feel as though a million things could go wrong. Thankfully, there are many things you can do to make the transition as smooth as possible!'

Informative Guide To Adopting A Cat (Tumblr Thread)

All the things you need to know.
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cows knowledge funny lol learning truth crazy animals | COMMUNISM have 2 cows State takes both and gives some milk. NewstalkZB

Learning Made Fun When Put In Terms Of Cows

Holy cow
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discovery ocean twitter thread wtf tweets long stringy stingy thing | Open Ocean Exploration @RebeccaRHeIm Omg I have CHILLS. This is an ANIMAL I'm guessing it's over a hundred feet long, forming a spiral in the middle of the deep sea. I've gone on numerous expeditions and have never, EVER, seen anything like this. Let me tell you what this is and why it is blowing my mind

Insightful Thread About "Long Stringy Thingy" Discovered In The Ocean (Tweets)

The world's longest "long stringy stingy thingy."
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animal facts llamas alpacas

Llamas VS Alpacas: Learn The Difference

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random act of kindness cute dogs twitter helpful cute service dogs tweets love knowledge - 5981445

Woman Posts Important Announcement About What To Do If A Service Dog Approaches You Without It's Owner

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This Exam is Gonna Be a Breeze!

focus studying school Harry Potter test knowledge shiba inu - 7026558720
Via Shiba Confessions

ooo, ooo! ai noes!

class learn answer smart captions teacher knowledge Cats - 6850829568
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PSA: Be on the Lookout for Car Cats

Cats psa winter cars information knowledge safety lolcats - 6659721984
Via Petfinder

Animal Capshunz: Knowledgeable Gator

aligator aligators answer captions class knowledge question raising your hand school - 6334726144
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Lolcats: What?

baby Cats dumb english Hall of Fame kitten knowledge language young - 6154832384
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I'm just a statue, just an innocent statue.

about best of the week denial Hall of Fame imitation just knowledge nothing statue vase - 6018987776
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Lolcats: You Know You're a Kitteh Person When

accept bed best of the week cat Cats covers fact Hall of Fame hiding know knowledge realization when - 5986939136
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caption captioned cat chef hat knowledge pun surprised suspicious - 5715934464
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book books bunny confused flowers happy bunday knowledge lolwut power rabbit reading superior taste - 5473873920
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