kitty litter


Puurfection Overload With Pictures Of Kitten Litters

Kittens, kittens, and more kittens. Cuteness and cuteness and more cuteness. An absolute puurfection overload. So be prepared. 

Cats are arguably the most adorable animals out there, okay? No need to bicker about it, anyone who ever cuddled with a cat will agree with it. But kittens - tiny baby animals are a whole other level of cuteness. So, kittens take first place on the cuteness scale. Okay. But what beats that? You guessed it - many kittens, purrfect little kitten litters. Kittens being a total mess, all over each other - tiny clusters of wholesomeness. 

So, if cats make you 'aww', prepare yourself, for you're about to see pictures of collections of tiny widdle mini cats. 

pictures of kitten litters thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten litter of white cats with dark ears and noses and another of a bunch of cats lying next to each other on their back with their bellies out
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