I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of a homeless cat family reacting to a robot delivering them wet food | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat and a kitten suspiciously looking at a bowl of wet food that is perched on a robot

Befuddled Stray Cat Family Reacts To A Robot Delivering Fresh Wet Food For Them (Video)

We need more people like this <3
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27 photos of cats before and after they we're rescued or adopted | Thumbnail includes a before photo of an orange kitten before she got rescued and a after photo of the same cat but bigger

Power Of Love: 27 Glow Up Stories Of Cats Before And After Adoption

Love will always win
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4 TikToks about a rescued cat named Millie and her human trying to build a trusting relationship with her | Thumbnail includes a black and white cat eating, sitting in a box, and sitting on a purple carpet 'This beautiful girl had been visiting for food since we moved here 2 years ago. It's been a slow process. Some days are better than others.'

After 2 Years Of Feeding Feral Cat, Woman Rescues Her And Works To Earn Her Trust

The key is to be patient and kind
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A YouTube video about two cats that were rescued who were scared and hissy but then became sweet | Thumbnail includes two photos of a grey and white cat

Rescued Cat Goes From Being Hissy And Scared To Gentle And Sweet (Video)

All it took was some love and pampering
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22 photos and short stories of people adopting feral cats | Thumbnail includes black and white kitten 'I've raised a daughter who went to the shelter to adopt a stray cat, and a son who took pictures of this mess of a kitten to show his friends and took her to sleep with him. Let's face the truth here: she's not (yet) anywhere near cute, and that doesn't bother him at all.'

Mother Praises Her Daughter For Adopting An 'Unadoptable' Cat

She raised her kids right
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A youtube video about a senior cat that got rescued by a lady in France | Thumbnail includes a close up of the rescued orange cat 'geobeats'

Asymmetrical Senior Cat Mike Gets Rescued By Woman Who Was Abandoned As A Baby Herself

From rags to riches baby
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An article with 3 TikTok videos about Ivy the rescue cat and her new cat siblings | Thumbnail includes three screenshots of Ivy the kitten 'She always hissed at us because she was so scared She started doing so well She didn't move, so we had to feed her by hand'

5 Weeks Old And Abandoned On The Side Of The Road: The Story Of A Kitten Named Ivy

We're so glad Ivy found the home she deserves
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27 before and after photos of rescued cats | Thumbnail includes a before photo of a feral cat and an after photo of child holding the cat 'Me to my daughter: that cat is a stray, he doesn’t like humans. You won’t be able to pet him vs My daughter and Fuzzball (her name choice) one week later'

Power Of Love: 27 Before And After Photos Of Cats That Got A Second Chance

Love at first sight, the rest is hissstory
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A short video of someone helping a stray kitten with their inflamed eye | Thumbnail includes a screenshot from the video with the mother cat observing as the human helps her kitten

Stray Mommy Cat Says Thank You To Human For Treating Her Kittens Inflamed Eye

A story of kindness
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18 screenshots from a twitter thread about previously abused cats and their insecurities | Thumbnail includes an orange cat laying on the carpet ' I was very very hungry a lot when I was Outside, so I still get worried about there being enough food even here Inside. This is not a food or eating issue. It is a feelings issue, so I learned some things about that...'

POV: Rescued Cat Explains Why They Are The Way They Are

They're still perfect in our eyes
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video of raccoons at raccoon cafe in ukraine | thumbnail image of woman interacting with two raccoons

Raccoon Cafe Doubles As Safe Haven For Ukrainians (Video)

Tough times call for kindness
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10 images reddit text cat stray help | thumbnail image of grey stray cat "Advice needed, I'm not sure if this is the correct subreddit to ask so if this is not allowed here please remove. Our neighbors 2 houses down the road packed their stuff, took the dogs, and just moved and left this poor guy behind. What are my options? What do you do in this case?"

Kind Humans Help Cat’s Owners Care For A Poor Sweet Kitty

Kindness is free
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collection of animals showing affection to other animals | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat cuddling with a dog in a hospital 'Ron came to the vet clinic as a stray. After a few weeks he started making rounds to see patients, cuddling with pets to keep them warm and would sit next to any pet while they were asleep, offering comfort u/westcoastcdn19'

15 Heartwarming Moments Of Animals Being Kind To Other Animals

Love is in the air <3
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12 images and video of animal friendships | thumbnail left cat feeding baby bottle, thumbnail right one monkey giving a massage to another monkey

12 Instances Of Friendly Animals Being Total Bros (Pictures and Video)

Bromance In The Animal World
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arctic fox steals fishermans fish - thumbnail of arctic fox with fish

Awwdorable Baby Arctic Fox Steals Russian Fisherman's Fish (Video)

Never give up!
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video of a man helping a parakeet egg hatch and taking care of the newborn parakeet thumbnail includes two pictures including a tiny egg inside of a match box and a newborn parakeet

Helping To Hatch And Rescuing A Tiny Parrot (Video)

Kindness with nothing in return.
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