I Can Has Cheezburger?


Instant Best Friends

instant best friends
Via Fort Worth Zoo
kids vine sleeping funny Video - 79853057

This Dog Does NOT Share Pillows

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Adults Are the Worst

animals Cats caption kids - 8773187840
Created by chianty
scratch kids lemur Video - 79585537

Lemur Demands Back Scratches From Kids

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What a Cute Kid

someone brought their kid to the store
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kids beluga whale Video - 79124225

Beluga Whale Plays With Kids at the Aquarium

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reading kids Video - 78431745

Kids Read to Shelter Dogs to Help Prepare Them for Adoption

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kids gymnastics girls Video - 77456129

Girl And Her Dog Practice Their Cartwheels Together

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kids Video - 77392129

Life Lessons- Sometimes The Insect Isn't Waving Back...

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christmas guess kids - 77111041

Mom Said We Got A Dinosaur For Christmas

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sledding kids snow Video - 77044481

Here's How It's Done Kid!

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kids raising funny turtles - 5738193920
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They Really Straighten Up If My Stomach Starts To Growl...

animals behavior kids caption funny - 8577769984
See all captions Created by chianty
kids cute pugs Video - 75395073

Warning: This Video of a Baby Meeting Two Puppies is So Cute it May Cause Your Heart to Explode

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Created by signet02

You People are Animals!

gifs kids zoo gorilla - 8185277184
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