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video of cat walking little girl to school | thumbnail is a girl walking with a cat along a road

Adorable Cat Walks Child To Bus Stop (Video)

Pawz and take a look!
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16 gifs and and reddit text images | thumbnail dog in field of yellow flowers with reddit text foreground

Kids Should Ask Owners For Permission Before Petting Dogs: Reddit Users Discussion

How many of you see a cute dog passing by and are immediately drawn towards him? You find yourself getting closer and closer until you are right next to this doggo. As you extend your hand in an attempt to pat just a little bit of this doggo's super impressive coat of awwdorable floof, his owner stops you right there. "Excuse me, I would really appreciate if you consulted my first before petting my dog. He can be very anxious and does not always respond well to strangers." And you're like, oh s…
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tumblr thread about crocodile dads carrying their babies | thumbnail includes a picture of a crocodile carrying many crocodile babies and a section of a tumblr post 'Water - kaijutegu Follow Everyone in the notes is saying mama, but that's dad. See the lump on his nose? Only males have those. It's actually where they got their name; the lumps tend to resemble earthenware cooking pots called ghara. What we're seeing here is a really good dad. This is par for the course for gharials, though-'

Tumblr Thread: Crocodile Dads Are The Best

Unexpectedly wholesome <3
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mother sea otter trying to get her baby to get into the water but the baby doesn't want to

Day Old Sea Pup Doesn't Want To Go In The Water (Video)

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Photographer Celebrates The Joy Of Kids Cuddling With Similarly-Sized Pets | cute little baby and an adorable puppy dog sitting together in a tiny miniature bathtub

Photographer Celebrates The Joy Of Kids Cuddling With Similarly-Sized Pets

Kids with animals
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adorable cats girl teaching drawing video aww cute animals kids | two cats sitting on chairs at a children kids table in front of pens and paper while a little girl writes on a blackboard classroom

Little Girl Teaches Her Cats How To Draw A Flower

Insanely adorable
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Woman Sparks a Debate After Dumping Water On a Kid Who Dumped Water Om Her Cat | shannon @shannoncooperox My 10 year old neighbour just threw cup water over my cat who sitting on fence minding his own business n laughed so threw basin water over him window and now his dad is at my door going mental but don't see problem, don't touch my cat 1:52 pm 20 May 2020 Twitter iPhone 79.1K Retweets 635.8K Likes >

Woman Sparks Debate After Dumping Water On Kid, Who Dumped Water On Her Cat

Heated debate on twitter
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photography kids animals magic art photographer beautiful aww cute | adorable baby with red curls wearing a floral dress bending down to hug a tiny lamb with brown and white fur

Photographer Takes Magical Shots Of Kids And Animals Together

So precious
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Grandmother Documents The Adorable Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren | cute photo of two young children sitting in a room filled with toys next to two fluffy white poodle dogs

Grandmother Documents The Adorable Adventures Of Her Giant Poodles And Grandchildren

Giant poodles and kids
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Funny Things Kids Say About Animals | tweet by James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn @XplodingUnicorn 5-year-old: There's spider my room won't hurt 5: Did spider tell say

Dad Tweets The Funniest Things His Daughters Say About Animals

Funny Things Kids Say About Animals
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kids animals tumblr respect thread important psa teach dogs | tumblr post even the sweetest animals bite even the most patient hit their limit and most of the time it's the human's fault. and all of the time the animals pay the consequences teach kids to respect animals photo of a small child jumping on top of a large dog

Important Tumblr Thread On Kids Respecting Animals

Why kids need to be taught to respect animals
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tweet by James Breakwell @XplodingUnicorn Lions can huny and kill their own food by the time they're 3 months old. my 3 year old couldn't find her lunch box and it was in her other hand. i can't believe we're at the top of the food chain
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kids youtube hop goats cute bounce bouncing mountain goats Video animals - 1022214

Mountain Goat Kids Arrive At Oregon Zoo And Can't Contain The Hops

Even though the young goats are very young, that haven't stopped them from mastering the art of hopping from rock to rock!
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animals imagination drawings realistic

Dad Brings Kids Animal Drawings To Life (33 Pics)

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Therapy pony with a sick boy, Therapy ponies in Scotland

Hospitals In Scotland Use Miniature Therapy Ponies To Help Sick Children

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Give Me A Moment To Myself, Please!

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