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List of funny and cute cat image and reddit comments | thumbnail includes an image of a cat including text 'My husband bought our cat his own couch, and he just sits there and judges everyone now' and ' "Peasant Kneel before and kiss paw!" ' and 'Tell more about relationship with meowther'.

Suave Couch Cat Is Simultaneously Awwdorable And Super Judgy; Reddit Users React Hilariously

This cat somehow manages to evoke 'paint me like one of your french girls' and 'bow before your ruler' vibes at the same time.
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15 screenshots of tweets with judgemental cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grumpy cat laying on a leather couch and black blanket with skulls, the color of the room is red 'Merlin knows that every human is guilty of crimes under cat law, and has sentenced everyone he's met to jai! One thousand years!'

15 Judgemental And Grumpy Cats That Lowkey Feel Way Too Relatable

judgement day
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20 pictures of grumpy cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey mix grumpy cat and a picture of a tortie grumpy cat

If You Know Cats, You Know There's Always Something That They're Not Happy About (20 Images)

Tough crowd
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13 screenshots from a Twitter thread of judgemental cats | Thumbnail includes a picture of a grey cat squinting as if its suspicious and a picture of a black and white cat staring at the camera

13 Suspicious Cats That See Right Through Their Owners

Foolish hoomans
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12 photos of angry maine coon cats from Reddit | Thumbnail includes an orange maine coon cat that looks angry and a big white maine coon cat that looks unimpressed 'Unimpressed and Disappointed'

12 Unimpressed Maine Coon Cats Feeling Underwhelmed And Disappointed

So hard to impress, jeez
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17 screenshots from a Reddit post where someone posted their grandpa's grumpy and judgemental looking cat 'This is my Grandpas's cat. He doesn't bite, scratch or hiss, he judges. That ain't your grandpa's cat that's your cat's grandpa'

Someone Showed A Picture Of Their Grandpa's Grumpy Cat That Looks Like A Grandpa Himself

He's not angry, he's disappointed
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A Youtube video about a judgemental cat that is punctual and expects to be fed and played with at the same time every day | Thumbnail includes a screenshot of the judgemental cat staring at the camera and the same cat yelling 'Is your clock broken, lady? Dinner, NOW!'

Marmalade, The Judgemental Cat, Proves To Be A Punctual Little Man With A Love For Routine (Video)

He's sounds like a virgo
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