Joyful Dogs Frolicking In Autumn Leaves

Oh boi, oh boi! These are some serious joyful expressions! You remember that feeling you used to get at the start of Autumn, and you come across a specially crunchy-looking leaf that you just need to step on? Maybe that's how dogs feel but with all leaves!

Ah, Autumn. Don't fight us on this but Autumn might be the best season of all. Hear me out on this, first:

1. It finally gets cooler but not too cold

2. Halloween

3. Cozy sweaters, warm drinks, overall sense of happiness


Oh, and if you live in an area where the leaves change colors, that would be on the list too. But we don't, so it's not up there. 

We hope seeing these joyful dogs frolicking in the leaves gets you pumped up that Autumn is nearly here! Get excited people, these dogs sure are! 

happy dogs frolicking in autumn leaves - thumbnail is a disabled dog having the best time amongst the autumn leaves
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