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Tiny Rescued Kitten Found A Big Brother Figure In Another Rescued Kitten

Lennon and Ringo, two rescued kittens, have become inseparable best friends. 

The ginger kitten, Lennon, who is now about six weeks old, was found on the day that would have been The Beatles star's 80th birthday, as reported by Express & Star. He was named Lennon by a Beatles fan who also happens to be an RSPCA inspector. The location where he was discovered was also John Lennon Drive in Liverpool, so the name really seems quite perfect. 

After a while of being cared for in the RSPCA Wirral and Chester branch, Lennon found a best friend in a newly rescued tiny little black and white, now three weeks old, kitten. The two of them got so close, purring and enjoying spending their time together, that the staff decided to name the black and white kitten Ringo Starr. 

"Ringo has been hand-reared by staff since he was rejected by his mother at birth," but luckily, he found a new friend in Lennon who he treats like he's part of the family, adorably finding an older brother figure in him. Kay Hawthorne, the branch manager, said: "We introduced [Ringo] to Lennon when he arrived as we were helping feed them both and the pair just hit it off. Lennon is like an older brother and loves looking after Ringo. They play together and cuddle up together. They get on so well, it is really sweet."

"We just couldn't resist naming the youngest Ringo when we could see he was getting on well with Lennon," she added. "They both seem to be doing so well and are certainly getting by with a little help from their friends at the branch." These two little ones will hopefully be adopted together once they are able to leave the center, and we are keeping our fingers crossed for them to find the most incredible forever home in which they will never be let down.

Take a look at the most adorable pictures of Lennon and Ringo below! And for more heartwarming stories of animal friendships, check out these adorable dog who has the most adorable friendship with a wild dolphin

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