I Can Has Cheezburger?


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People Are Tweeting About The Worst Summer Jobs They Had And It's Hilarious

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Dog Interviews For Job

a dog dressed in a tie and glasses and interviewing for a position
Via Daily LOL Pics
A vet clinic in Dublin is looking for a professional cat cuddler - pic of woman cuddling with cat.

Stop Working Like A Sucker And Get Paid To Cuddle Cats All Day Instead

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Photos of really lousy jobs - cover graphic of composite image showing a woman working inside a washing machine.

11 Photos That Prove Life’s Too Short To Be Stuck In The Wrong Job

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Hilarious posts and memes by @girlswithnojob - cover graphic of a witty post stating, 'Just tell me when and where and I'll be there 20 minutes late'

15 Witty Posts And Memes By @girlswithnojobs

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Babies cute job panda - 2046725

This Is Probably The Best Job In The World

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adorable job pets abandoned - 1574149

Dog Gets Abandoned at a Gas Station, but It's Actually the Best Thing to Ever Happen to Him

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news job working golden retriever Video delivery newspaper - 84997121

Quincy the Retriever Is a Newspaper Delivery Boy With a Heart of Gold

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job grooming Video - 84761857

Get an Inside Look at a Day in the Life of a Famous Dog Groomer

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Sir, This Is My Job

sir this is my job
Via olithefatcat
cat pics

"Cat Photographer" Has Got to Be in the Running for the Title of Best Job Ever

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Nobody Messes With My Puppy

cat job my test caption claws - 8805094144
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job airport - 737029

Meet Piper, the Airport Watch Dog

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FAIL job Video - 72321793

This Guard Dog is Not Taking His Job Seriously

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Administrative Assistant Cat Excels at Certain Skills

animals job Office shred Cats - 8482591744
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Still No More Monies!

Business Cat job money - 8425936128
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