I Can Has Cheezburger?


tweets about spicy cats going to the vet | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - Chelsea M. Cameron @chel_c_cam My friend Liz is a vet tech, and they call the cats they have to wrap up so they don't claw the vet "spicy purritos" I thought everyone needed to know 5:33 AM - May 14, 2022 - Twitter for iPhone 2,317 Retweets 178 Quote Tweets 27K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Stories Of 'Spicy Cats' Losing Their Minds At The Vet

Extra spicy.
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collection of posts about cats being jerks | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sticking its head in a glass 'She has two bowls of fresh water but will only drink mine u/purplepeopleprobe' and a cat wiping its wet tail side to side 'My cat sucks on his tail and then uses it as a paint brush to paint all of my things with his saliva u/BehrmanTheBeerman'

Hissterical Posts Of Cats Being Absolute Jerks

Forever hisstercial.
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funny stories about cats doing things that they are not allowed to do | thumbnail includes one picture of a cat yelling from the top of a cupboard and one Facebook comment 'Cat - Elise Stone Ellie. She knows not to climb on the cupboards but decided to yell at me when she got caught 20 Like Reply Hide Send Message 2d'

Things Jerk Cats Do That They Know They Shouldn't Do: ICanHas Edition

They know what they're doing.
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12 reddit text images | thumbnail blue background text "This just happened, a neighbor of mine sent their kid over and let my dog off his runner because "he had no food or water" "

Karen Chastises Neighbor For Letting His Dog Outside For 20 Mins Without Food And Water

Some people are just looking for trouble
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 an article about a mean jerk face who's mad cats are being fed outside his window | thumbnail includes text saying 'WIBTA if I asked my downstairs neighbors to stop feeding stray cats?' and 'I know it’s something nice she’s doing but it does pose a threat for my dog.'

Total Jerk Face Tries To Stop Stray Cats From Being Fed Near His House

Umm What?
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twitter thread about a cat beating up cats and getting jailed at home | thumbnail includes one tweet 'Font - naledi @naledimashishi ... My cat had been housebound for two weeks after beating up another cat in that cat's house. I let her out yesterday just to see if she was ready to be a law abiding citizen. She went straight to go beat up that cat again a she's back inside indefinitely 5:03 PM · Aug 6, 2021 - Twitter for iPhone 21.3K Retweets 3,501 Quote Tweets 133.3K Likes'

Twitter Thread: Cat Jailed At Home For Being A Corrupt Criminal

A true delinquent.
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a collection of cats being jerks on Christmas | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat climbing a Christmas tree and a cat on a couch with a fallen Christmas tree behind it 'It’s that time of the year again u/yawinsomeyalosesome'

Cats Are Total Jerks: Christmas Edition

Christmas is over, but the trees are still standing... or falling.
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video of cat spilling water onto sleeping human's head | thumbnail black and white image of cat spilling water onto sleeping human's head

Jerk Cat Spills Water On Sleeping Human's Head (Video)

Proof that cats are total jerks
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tumblr posts about animals understanding the word 'no' | thumbnail includes one tumblr post 'Font - wow-david Follow My parrot has a vague understanding of the word “no." He knows to stop doing what he's doing when he hears it, and he knows how to say it. He knows it's a word that is used when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing. However, being told “no" doesn't make him stop doing it in future. If he's ever out of my sight or if l'm not paying attention, I know exactly when he's doing s'

Animals Understanding The Word 'No' And Not Caring (Tumblr Posts)

Aaand goes right back to it.
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imgur thread about a cat in places he shouldn't be | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat in a baby crib and a cat attempting to take something off the wall

Thread: Hooligan Cat In All The Places It Shouldn't Be

Why... why are you in the baby's crib?
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collection of posts about animals being jerks | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat lying across a bunch of hangers 'Most efficient way to spread white hair over all your black clothes u/strohLopes'

When Animals Act Like Total Jerks

...yeah, we still love them...
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story about cockatoos opening up trash cans by themselves | thumbnail includes a picture of a cockatoo lifting a trash can lid 'There could be multiple explanations for this activity. It can be mischief just for the sake of it, or just plain curiosity Professor Kaplan'

Beware: Cockatoos In Australia Have Officially Learned How To Open Trash Bins

They're. Taking. Over.
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video of a cat entering a door lock code constantly | thumbnail includes a picture of a cat entering a door lock code

Hooligan Stray Cat Enters A Door Lock Code Every Day (Video)

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tweets of cats in places they shouldn't be | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cat sitting in a flower pot and a kitten inside of a vending machine 'place where cat shouldn't be @catshouldnt'

Kitty Cat Criminal Collection: Cats In Places They Shouldn't Be

Itty bitty hooligans.
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video of a cat messing with another cat who's sitting in a fishbowl | thumbnail includes two pictures of a startled cat sitting in a fishbowl and another cat

Cats Messing With Her Mildly Startled Sister Sitting in a Fish Bowl

Cats. Nuff said.
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tumblr thread about African grey parrots being smart jerks | thumbnail includes one part of a tumblr post 'Font - whatswrongwithblue Follow I have an African Grey named Loki and he lives up to his name. He likes to scream and mimic the sounds of things falling off the shelf and when we run into the room to see what's happening he says "The cat did it! Bad Sammy!" and laughs. Whenever he gets mad at me he flies away from me, but since he can't fly very well, he always crash lands. And the'

Tumblr Thread: African Grey Parrots Are The Smartest Jerks

Why are they like this LOL
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