I Can Has Cheezburger?

jenny jinya

thumbnail of comic panel with kid sitting in front of a hamster cage "coolest. pet. ever!!!"

Jenny Jinya's Reveals Heartbreaking Comic About Hamsters

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jenny jinya new comic about life and death - thumbnail of death asking life if toucans are her favorite creation

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Death Interacting With Life

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thumbnail of ghost parakeet on deaths shoulder "Hey Reaper it's been so long I don't even remember what my feathers looked like Hm, well Can you show it to me again?"

New Short Comic From Jenny-Jinya About Extinction

And yes, prepare for feels
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jenny jinyas newest comic of a swan who died from heartbreak | Please! Go away! Comic by JennyJinya Please just.just leave

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Heartbreak Is Based On A True Story

Get ready for a whole punch of feels
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story of a rescue adoption - thumbnail of two panels, one of a woman holding a chart and another of a cute dog missing an ear "when i started working here... you were already here."

Newest Jenny Jinya Tale About Rescue Adoption (Comic)

Always delivering the feels
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latest heartbreaking comic by artist jenny jinya all about orca captivity - thumbnail of orca remembering the sea and swimming freely with family | remember wild waves @JennyJinya and remember family and endless freedom

Jenny Jinya's Addresses Orca Captivity In Newest Comic

Another gut-wrenching tearjerker coming right up
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jenny jinya's newest comic about the neglect of a parakeet - thumbnail of mama bird with babies | just little budgie hatchling.our mother taught us Song @lennyiny And went like this

Jenny Jinya's Comic About A Parakeet Is A Real Tearjerker

Ow, our hearts
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dogs comics death love animals jenyy jinya pets life mourning loss heartbreaking tearjerker | Today is day know pain. Ojennyjinya person looking at photograph of a dog next to the real dog who is old and weak

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Love And Loss

It's all about being there
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comic life death animals jenny jinya art artist animal fox foxes important message | oh no no help no poor thing art by Jenny jinya Pools are Such trap.

Jenny Jinya Introduces Life To Her "Death" Series (Comic)

Needed this today
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jenny jinya dog fighting dogs animals abuse sad heartbreaking reaper death comics illustrations stories adopt | drawing of a puppy being held up by human hands Hello We friends @lennyJing He's perfect !

Jenny Jinya's Newest Comic About Dogfighting

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duck duckling death comic heartbreaking tearjerker jenny jinya | Ok, Babies v Are ready lennyvinya Today go new pond And please stoy close together! illustration art drawing mama duck leading ducklings across a road and one gets run over and meets the grim reaper

Jenny Jinya's New Comic About A Duckling

Oh, Jenny Jinya. You've done it again.
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