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video of several cats in kitchen while eating food and receiving treats | thumbnail image of man with several cats around him at a kitchen table decorated with food

Sweet Feline Crew Eagerly Assists Family In The Kitchen (Video)

Feline charmers steal the show
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an article about capybaras in Japan | thumbnail includes two photos of capybaras chilling, left capybaras napping, right three capybaras soaking in a hot tub

A Look Into Life As A Capybara In Japan

Chillin' Capybara Style.
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a japanese man goes for a picnic with his cat | thumbnail includes a cat riding a bike past flowery fields

Man Goes For Picnic With Cat In Japan (Video)

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article about a rabbit island in Japan | thumbnail includes text saying 'This island is overrun with rabbits'

World Of Animals: Inside A Secret Japanese Rabbit Island

Nothing but bunnies.
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12 pictures and videos of sakamoto anime cat | thumbnail cat animated pink scarf big eyes, "it's sakamoto san to you"

Talking Anime Cat Demands Respect: Sakamoto-san From My Ordinary Life

He talks, he demands respect, and he's one of the most memorable of all time
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list of 12 blair the cat images and gifs | thumbnail left blair human form with pumpkin, thumbnail right blair cat form with pumpkin

Anime Cat With Power To Shoot Pumpkin Orbs Wins Spooktober: Blair From Soul Eater

Shape shifting anime cat wins spooktober paws down
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video of otters eating meatballs at home | thumbnail left two otters with bucket of meatballs in middle, thumbnail right otter reaching into bucket of meatballs

Awwdorable Otter Sibling Duo Super Excited About Chicken Meatballs (Video)

Hiya folks! Today we stumbled across a little slice of cuteness in the form of a video of two otters getting excited for some chicken meatballs and felt obliged to share it with all of you! We've met this otter sibling duo before, these videos by YouTube user KOTSUMET always put a smile on our faces. KOTSUMET lives in Japan and owns two Asian Small-Clawed Otters named Hana and Kotaro. Hana and Kotaro aren't just randomly eating chicken dumplings, no, no. There is a very special reason for this …
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21 images of paper cranes and art creation | thumbnail three images of rainbow paper cranes text foreground

1000 Origami Paper Cranes Transformed Into Beautiful Piece Of Art

Paper cranes are the most popular form of origami, and have transformed the meaning behind these little works of art. Origami is the most recreational art of Japanese for hundreds of years. They made it as a part of their culture to foster the creativity amongst young people! Some origami are inspired by animals, such as the famous origami crane. The crane has always been a strong symbol of success and good fortune in Japanese culture, and when folded into origami, it is believed that your hear…
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16 images of artistic japanese manholes | thumbnail left manhole with bird design, thumbnail right man placing manhole into ground

Artistic Animal Inspired Japanese Manholes

Hi friends! Today we came across some amazing animal inspired art that we of course, had to share with all of you. “Japan is a country full of amazing art. Some of it is housed within museums and galleries while others are right underneath our feet. I’m talking, of course, about Japan’s peculiar obsession with manhole covers. Just about anywhere in the country you can find stylized manhole covers, each more beautiful and intricate than the next.” Via thisiscollossal.com Many of these beautiful …
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12 images of maru the shiba inu from instagram | thumbnail right and left images of maru with flowers

Star Of Instagram And Our Hearts: Meet Maru The Japanese Shiba Inu

Doggo Vibes And Hella Floof
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14 photos of monkeys chilling in japanese onsen

14 Photos of Seriously Relaxed Monkeys in Hot Springs

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story about a man who saves cats in the Fukushima nuclear zone thumbnail includes a picture of a Japanese man lying on the floor next to a cat

Man Saves The Forgotten Cats At The Fukushima's Nuclear Zone

For over a decade, he has stayed behind.
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capybaras in a hot spring with mandarins and one capybara has a mandarin balanced upon its head - thumbnail of capybara with a mandarin balanced upon its head

Capybara Chilling In Hot Springs With A Mandarin Orange On Its Head (Video)

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inn that offers sleepover with cats for potential future cat owners - thumbnail of inn and cats

Japanese Inn Allows Sleepovers With Cats To Encourage Adoption

This is the greatest idea ever
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japanese flying dwarf squirrel squirrels animals japan aww adorable cute precious disney eyes

Round And Insanely Adorable: Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel

The cutest squirrel EVER
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cats comics japanese cute japan funny lol aww animals relatable adorable art artist web comic | cartoon illustration of a cat with a striped back and tail climbing inside a cardboard box

Aww-dorable Japanese Cat-Related Comics

Even if we don't understand Japanese
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