We're in a bit of a pickle, you could call it a jam. You could also eat jam and make a door jam, or even just jam out to tunes. However that just means you have more to laugh at and about. All the groovy and tasty memes and jokes just waiting to be shared.


Animals Who Have Got The Groove And The Moves (25 Gifs)

These animals are jammin' out to their favorite songs -- and it's contagious! 

They've got the moves, they've got the groove and there is nothing that can stop them now! 

You'll want to make sure your sound is on when watching these, it'll enhance this happy journey you're about to embark on.. have fun! 

cute funny dancing gifs animals cats dogs moves lol | cute cat paws sticking out of a white cat sized jumper. panda bear raising a leg in a stretch.
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