Perpetually Annoyed And Confused Jaguarundis (Pics)

2021 has been weird so far, just as if not weirder than 2020. Trying to get back to normal life, our normal routines has left us madly confused and somewhat annoyed. So, it's no wonder that suddenly the internet has made the animal that is perpetually annoyed and confused go viral. It's simply too relatable right now- a spirit animal to us all. Meet the jaguarundi.

It is a small wild cat native to southern North America and South America, and it seems to be confused by things half of the time and annoyed by them the other half. It also has relatively short legs, an elongated body, and its coat is uniform in color and without spots - helping it to hide from this annoying world like we all want to sometimes. 

pictures of jaguarundis thumbnail includes two pictures of jaguarundis
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