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10 tweets, cats in istanbul statue | thumbnail image of cat leaning, cat statue below in same position, tweet "Lakota Man @LakotaMan1 In Istanbul, Turkey, they made a statue to honor a stray cat that used to sit in this position and watch the passers by. ONUR KEBAP 1306AI 3:17 AM · Mar 21, 2022 from Los Angeles, CA · Twitter for iPhone 5,850 Retweets 388 Quote Tweets 63.9K Likes"

Twitter Thread: Revered Cats Of Istanbul Honored In Statue Form

Adorably statuesque
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Indie singer leaves behind a stray dog in Istanbul and sparks a debate on tiktok

Singer from Hinds Posts a Video of a Dog Following Her on the Streets of Turkey, Sparks Debate on If She Should've Rescued the Dog

Viewers are arguing on how to evaluate whether a dog needs rescuing or not in a situation like this oneā€”some think she should've taken the dog with her, while others agree with her leaving the dog behind.
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famous cat known as the hagia sophia cat has passed away at age 16 - thumbnail of gli the famous cat of hagia sophia

Gli, Famous Hagia Sophia Cat, Has Passed Away

Rest in peace, Gli.
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cats istanbul sick kitten ER emergency room turkey mom mother love trust | r/aww Posted by u/belkigeliryarin 20 hours ago Istanbul stray cat mom took her baby ER. Doctors and paramedics helped baby and took them vet | mama cat carrying a kitten by its scruff inside a hospital

Stray Cat In Istanbul Takes Sick Kitten To The ER For Help

A mother's love
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cats of Istanbul

Say Hello To The Beautiful Stray Cats Of Istanbul, Turkey

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istanbul streets feeding cat videos Cats stray Video - 94077953

In Istanbul Cats Are Being Treated Like Kings

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a poster for a movie about cats called Kedi a documentary

Kedi is a Must See Magical Documentary All About Cats in Istanbul

We've all seen cats roaming the streets. Whether it's in your neighborhood or on vacation on the city streets, cats are sure to roam around. But have you ever wondered about their lives? Well one did, and luckily for us they decided to create a documentary about it.
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trailers istanbul movies Cats Video - 1256453

Watch the Trailer for 'Kedi', a Beautiful Film About the Cats That Roam Freely Around Istanbul

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