I Can Has Cheezburger?


viral thread about a cat who was rehomed 5 times finally finding its forever home thumbnail includes two pictures of a ginger cat 'A rescue kitten who has been re-homed 5 times. We saw his little face on the ad, called... and they basically told us he would pee on everything we owned... We've had him almost 3 weeks now, and would you believe it not a single incident outside the litter box!! He was scared at first of course but he warmed up quick and is seriously the sweetest boy.-bythez'

Nervous Kitty Re-Homed 5 Times Finally Finds Forever Home (Viral Thread)

It's about time.
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Personal space issues IN 3...2...1...

countdown issues lolcats personal space shiba inu - 1434490624
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Kittehs Have Serious Entitlement Issues

annoying cat Cats frustrating issues question - 5986085120
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issues war - 3414145024
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angry bad dog destruction issues pitbull - 1551634176
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complaining issues lolcats loldogs table whining - 1494889728
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