I Can Has Cheezburger?


video of kiwi the parakeet activating and talking to Siri - thumbnail of kiwi laying on iphone

Parakeet Activates Siri On The iPhone (Video)

"Hey Siri, tell me about chicken"
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pets portraits on new iphone

Attention, Pet Owners: Portrait Mode For Pets Is Officially a Thing On The New iPhone Devices

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funny text messages from mittens the cat

10 New Text Messages From Mittens The Cat

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password hedgehog trust Video iphone - 315143

When the Only Person You Trust Is Your Hedgehog

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husky confused Video iphone - 80895233

Husky Can't Quite Figure out How Siri Works

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birds cockatiel Video iphone - 80543233

This Cockatiel Can Mimic an iPhone Ringtone Perfectly

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funny animal image of cat as background for iphone
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Only Nineties Cats Will Understand

yarn Cats iphone - 8446459648
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Also Napping During Skypes

skype selfie Cats iphone - 8334700288
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Why is My Girlfriend Asking for So Much Tuna?

sneaky thumbs Cats iphone - 8052302080
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Not Again!

toilet iphone - 7296459264
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Doing it right

birds yes this is dog phone corgi iphone - 6812309504
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It's Like That Old Saying: You Always Want What You Already Have But Shinier and Newer

apple captions iphone new technology tennis balls want - 6592205056
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Introducing the iPurr 5

apple Cats iphone phones technology - 6581103616
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Cyoot Puppy ob teh Day: Britain's Smallest Puppy

britain chihuahua cyoot puppy ob teh day iphone puppy yorkie yorkshire terrier - 6550080768
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cell phone iphone phone text - 6318797056
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