I Can Has Cheezburger?


pics and tweets about cats interrupting their humans while working | thumbnail includes two pictures including a kitten on top of a laptop and a cat climbing onto its human while he's studying

Funny Yet Adorable Cats Interrupting Their Parents While Working

We love them anyway lol.
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original comic by Ilana Zeffren about the reality of working with cats thumbnail includes two drawings of a cat interrupting a girl while working

The Hilarious Reality Of Working With Cats All Cat Owners Understand (Comics)

Hilarious and relatable LOL
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video of a dog crashing a live news report thumbnail includes two pictures including a reporter chasing a dog and a reporter interviewing a dog

Dog Interrupts Live Weather Report By 'Borrowing' Reporter's Microphone (Video)

Some sticks just look different than others.
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video of a cat interrupting its owner while they're trying to work thumbnail includes a picture of a cat on a desk reaching out to touch the camera

Adorable Cat Won't Stop Interfering When Owner Is Working (Video)

Every cat owner will understand.
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She Works out So She Won't Get Too Husky

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golf mongoose Video interrupt - 313863

Watch a Pack of Mongooses Adorably Interrupt a Golf Tournament

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news reporter Bloopers Video interrupt horse - 81042689

Fame-Seeking Horse Interrupts Reporter Every Time He Opens His Mouth

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news kitten stray Video interrupt - 80936705

Stray Kitten Interrupts a News Broadcast and Immediately Gets Put on TV

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Ahem! I'm Talking to You!

Cats funny interrupt - 8277782016
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Sorry for interrupting

captions computer sorry laptop Cats interrupt - 6854920448
By Unknown

You just got in there? Perfect.

bath bathtub hungry interrupt lolcat perfect tub - 6362172672
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Sorry to interupt

best of the week caption captioned cat dish empty food Hall of Fame interrupt interrupting psychedelic sorry tripping - 5104666624
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