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Artist Creates Cat-Filled Print Full Of Famous Internet Cats

This. This is art. 

Meet the talented Rebecca Salinas, a painter who adores cats. And it really shows. 

We had the privilege to speak with Rebecca and discover her inspiration behind this masterpiece!  

"I've always loved and drawn cats my whole life. I am in advanced art classes now at UCF, in Florida, and finally have the freedom to choose my own content. The theme was 'populated space' and I immediately knew I wanted to do a painting full of cats. I'm in a Facebook group called 'This Cat Is C H O N K Y' and I love a lot of cats that are famous from there."

Rebecca also mentioned that two of her own cats can be found in the painting, and that she used submitted photos from the 'This Cat Is C H O N K Y' Facebook group as pose references!

"I really love it when I can laugh at my paintings, and this one is one of my most funny paintings yet," added Rebecca. 

According to Rebecca's post in the C H O N K Y group, there are 50 recognizable cats in this one painting alone! Do you think you can pinpoint them all?

Thanks for sharing your lovely work with the world, Rebecca! Check out more of her amazing art on Instagram or Facebook

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