I Can Has Cheezburger?


Innuendo, if you know what I mean. Just make sure you get the gist of these before you enter, you might be in for a "surprise".

Get a Tree You Three!

innuendo puns squirrel - 8335623424
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Animal Memes: In Honor of the Fourth of July, American Pickup Lines

birds flirting innuendo pickup lines - 6394729984
Via Mariee Kovacs


dont inappropriate innuendo like you - 6033956352
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best of the week Hall of Fame innuendo sit sitting thermometer - 6002772992
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I Has A Hotdog: My Bad, Bro...

apology best of the week funny Hall of Fame husky innuendo mistake oops pain sorry sound - 5946928640
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Lolcats: When I said I wanted domination,

collar confused domination innuendo lolcats not said want when - 5938500096
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LOLcats: This Is Called "Aversion Therapy."

best of the week caption cat Cats Hall of Fame innuendo like looks naughty sex this what - 5887028480
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That awkward moment

Awkward bad idea cannot unsee decision do not want innuendo look moment regret when - 5887164160
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U Noez U Wanna Capshun Dis Puppeh!

caption golden retriever innuendo puppy whoa - 5848936960
By Unknown

Absolutely Horrible Advice

historic lols innuendo vintage wedding - 5698740736
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innuendo vintage - 5770341632
Via retrogasm

You Bet I Do!

bicycle bike historic lols innuendo - 5658704384
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advice after caption captioned climbing dont fall go if innuendo leg nuts squirrel - 5732348928
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Your What Needs Huh?

art historic lols innuendo painting sexy times - 5694516736
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How Would You Know?!

art historic lols innuendo painting what - 5703642112
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Big Rifle, Little Gun

gun historic lols innuendo vintage - 5650926080
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