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Original I Can Has Cheezburger story about an injured cat getting rescued from a cave | thumbnail includes two pictures of the cat looking much better

Cat Rescue Community Comes Together To Save Life Of Severely Injured Feline Found Trapped In Cave

An injured cat went into a shoreline cave to die. Fortunately, cat rescue volunteers found him before it was too late.
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story about a kitten with a crab eye getting surgery and doing better | thumbnail includes two pictures including someone holding a half-blind kitten with only one eye in their hand and another of a kitten with a crab eye

Tiny Kitten With A Crab Eye Goes Through Surgery And Becomes The Most Majestic One-Eyed Pirate Cat

She is so, so strong.
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story about a kitten with injured ears getting rescued and adopted | thumbnail includes two pictures including a person holding a kitten and a tiny kitten near a food bowl 'Pennie came into our lives 3 months ago and it’s been a wild ride... She was found in the backyard with her eyes mostly open but ears closed. The vet estimated she was 8 days old. We waited overnight for the mother to return but rocketgnome'

Itty Bitty Abandoned Kitten With Injured Ears Gets Rescued, Makes Amazing Recovery, And Gets Adopted By Rescuers

A heartwarming kitten rescue <3
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thread about an injured cat getting rescued | thumbnail includes two pictures including two cats outside and one cat lying on its back 'This is Toby, my 2 year old FIV+ cat that I rescued last September from my front porch! He had been coming to my front porch to eat for a months and it was taking a lot of time to gain his trust sevenandahalffrogs'

Injured Street Cat Chooses Humans, Comes To Their Porch For Months And Finally Gets Adopted

A wholesome thread with a happy ending.
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original ICanHasCheezburger story about a kitten with a facial injury being named Steven Tyler | thumbnail includes two pictures of a kitten in a cat bed

Awwdorable Rescued Kitten’s Facial Injury Earns Him The Name ‘Steven Tyler’

Beautiful despite the injury <3
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Youtube video of a stray cat meowing for help because of her injured foot and then getting the help she needed | Thumbnail includes a stray cat sitting in bushes

Injured Cat Meows Nonstop Until Finally Getting The Medical Attention She Needed (Video)

Real life heroes
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17 images and text images, cat faking injury redditors react | thumbnail three images of cat first faking injury and limping and then sitting normally "and the oscar goes too..fake injury= house entry"

Smart Tabby Cat Humorously Fakes Injury To Be Allowed Back Into The House: Reddit Cracks Up

And the Oscar goes to...
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video of squirrel protecting cash register | thumbnail image of squirrel pushing away human hand in cash register, drawer of money

Feisty Squirrel Protects Jewelry Store Cash Register (Video)

Small but mighty
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imgur thread about rescuing a paralyzed stray cat | thumbnail includes two pictures of an injured cat 'Paralyzed Rescue Cat D*ldoDantes'

Thread: Heartwarming Rescue Of A Paralyzed And Injured Stray Cat

Everyone deserves love <3
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video of lamb undergoing rehab after injury | thumbnail left lamb with stroller, thumbnail right lamb with enforecements on legs

Injured Lamb Unable To Walk Undergoes Adorable Rehab Process: Runs To Kitchen (Video)

After his accident, no one knew if this little lamb would make it, let alone walk again! He would be propped up over a Pilates ball, because it was just the right height, while his caretakers tried to position his legs in such a way that would allow for him to balance himself. This poor little lamb stumbled, but the awesome humans around him saw his improvement. The vets tried physiotherapy every day! Even though he was weak, this little lamb's strong personality always shined. Slowly he regain…
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video of a bald eagle with a dislocated shoulder being treated | thumbnail includes a picture of someone holding a bald eagle and a picture of a CT scan of a bald eagle on a computer

Rescuing And Treating A Bald Eagle With A Dislocated Elbow (Video)

Unexpectedly heartwarming story <3
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video of a badly injured puppy found by highway getting nursed back to health and adopted thumbnail includes two pictures including a scared dog hiding and another of two dogs cuddling

Injured Dog Found By Highway Sprints To New Adoptive Family (Video)

The sweetest pooch.
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story about a bear cub getting rescued thumbnail includes one picture of a bear cub

Rescued Lost And Injured Bear Cub Will Be Released Into The Wild After Winter

Thank you to the wonderful people who helped it!
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pictures of animals wearing casts thumbnail includes two pictures including one of a tiny hamster held in someone's hand wearing a cast and another of a dog wearing two casts on its legs sitting and smiling

Well Taken Care Of Animals With Little Casts

brave little cuties
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injury Cats Video - 77451265

This Amazing One Eyed Cat Loves To Surf

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I Stuck Myself

Babies porcupine injury cute - 8220446464
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